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There are a variety of reasons that may cause eLearning to not work properly. Most course, browser, and connection issues can be resolved by reviewing the Recommended Troubleshooting section below. This page also lists specific explanations related to other occurrences.

After reviewing the below, if you continue to have issues, please visit our Contact Us page.

Do not contact Oracle Hospitality Support, as this is outside the scope of the support they provide. Once we receive your email, we will look in to the issue and actively work to find a resolution.

     Recommended Troubleshooting


Web Browsers

  • Please use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome to take the courses.
    • Mozilla Firefox has been found to be reliable for taking eLearning courses.
    • It is not recommended to use Microsoft Edge and Safari, as there are many reported issues from users.
  • If using Internet Explorer, make sure the eLearning website ( is added to Compatibility View Settings.
    • Compatibility View Settings can be accessed from the Tools menu or the Gear icon within the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Enable Flash for your browser and add the eLearning website to the allowed websites list, if applicable.
    • The name of the option to enable Flash is different in all browsers.
  • Add the eLearning website to your Trusted Sites.
    • Not all browsers require you to add Trusted sites.
  • Add the eLearning website to the Pop-Up Window Exception List.
    • All eLearning Courses open in a separate browser window, so you must allow pop-ups for the website.
  • Use the help option within your preferred browser or perform a web search for more information on browser setup.

Operating Systems

  • You may use eLearning on either Windows or iOS Operating Systems.


  • eLearning is optimized to be used on a PC or Laptop.
    • Although you may take courses on mobile devices, you may experience issues with course completion.


  • The eLearning system is a web-based program. Connection speed depends on your local internet service provider (ISP).
  • If multiple users are having an issue at your property, please check with your property IT department to see if the local network is able to handle the outgoing traffic or if there are protocols in place blocking access to the eLearning website.
  • On the rare occasions when performance is impacted, our team will immediately work to troubleshoot the issue. Please do not hesitate to bring any issues to our attention with as many details as possible to help us identify the cause and find a resolution.

     I received a SCORM error Message, what does that mean?

  • Most SCORM errors in our system will prompt you with the following message: “The SCORM API was not found. Communication will not occur. Do you want to continue? Yes / No”
    • Respond to the prompt by selecting ‘No.’
  • This message indicates that progress will not be recorded due to Flash being disabled or was updated & needs to be reactivated.
  • To correct this issue, Enable Flash and Allow for the website in your browser.
    • The name for the option to allow Flash is different in all browsers. Use the help options within your preferred browser or perform a web search for more help on this item.
  • Once Flash is enabled, you must close the course and return to the My Courses screen to record your progress for the next attempt.
    • If you do not close the course after enabling Flash, your progress will not be recorded.

     What if my Course or Quiz does not launch?

  • The cause may be due to a variety of connectivity, browser, and operating system related issues. Unfortunately, we cannot account for the wide range of systems and updates. Please review the following recommendations to begin troubleshooting any issues you may be having.